Dental Implant

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces the root of a missing tooth. Over this titanium implant the tooth crown is mounted so at the end of the treatment, you will have a tooth that acts like your own teeth when eating, talking and laughing.

Your dentist may refer you to a dental implant treatment solution when missing one or more teeth that have already been extracted or which can not be treated and will be extracted, or according to other factors.

Treatment stages

The stage of implant placement in bone (surgery) it is the shortest of sessions (30-60 minutes depending on the number of implants) and does not require a special solicitation from you. Entire treatment stages are:

The first consultation

AcThis is aimed at clinical examination of the situation in the oral cavity and radiographic analysis to evaluate whether there is enough bone for dental implant stability.It may be necessary a sinus lift surgery and / or bone addition. If your implant doctor decides implant can be done, you will determine together the next appointment s date for performing surgery to insert the implant.

Placing the implant in the bone

The implant doctor will perform anesthesia and will introduce the implant into the bone then it will be covered by the gum.

Postoperative examination Implant uncovering

After 10 days of surgery, remove suture threads that helped heal gums. Titanium implant will not be therefore visible for 4-6 months interval required for its integration in bone and healing.There may be intermediary sessions until the uncovering of the implant in wich a temporary prosthesis is made.

Implant uncovering

After the healing period of 4-6 months over the implant will be mounted „a healing screw” to make room in the gum for the ceramic crown. This occurs relatively quickly, within a few days (10-14 days).

Making ceramic dental crown

In this stage over the implant will be placed a „blunt” that supports ceramic crown. To this blunt it will be taken an imprint that will serve to make the dental crown in the laboratory.

Dental crown cementation

How much is your investment

Your investment for titanium dental implant plus a ceramic crown is 650 Euro (400 Euro the implant, 250 Euro for the crown) and is paid after each treatment stage. The crown which is mounted over the implant is made of ceramic on metallic framework and is paid when its cementation (at approx. 6 months after achievement of implant).

Frequently asked questions

What happens if one or more teeth are missing and I do not want implants?

Negative effects of the lack of teeth are found and lead in time both in damage to adjacent teeth and also remote effects:

  • The bone is reabsorbed (atrophy)
  • Neighboring teeth lean toward the free space
  • Antagonists teeth descends
  • Increases the risk of caries
  • Increases the risk of periodontal disease
  • Cause TMJ pain
  • De ce ar trebui sa optez pentru un implant dentar?
  • A future investment in your quality of life
  • Keeps intact the neighboring teeth of the tooth missing
  • Functional stimulates bone, which is no longer reabsorbed
Are there alternatives to dental implant?

The alternative a dental implant to is to create prosthetic (bridge) anchored on neighboring teeth of missing tooth. For this the adjacent teeth need to be prepared (the trimming is necessary on all tooth surfaces) and covered by dental crown.

Anyone can benefit from dental implants? YES
  • Regardless of age
  • If the general state of health is good
  • If you can make addition of bone when it is not enough

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