Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery treats a variety of problems, from tooth disease to oral cancer.

This branch require additional training for doctors before becoming specialists. Due to the nature of their work, oral-maxilla-facial surgeons collaborate with a variety of specialists in other fields, such as radiology, plastic surgery, orthodontics and neuron-surgery.

Treatments performed by a OMF surgeon are various, exceeding dental area, becoming a part of the medical surgery. Treating patients who suffer from severe dental trauma and disorders of the jaw, requiring hard work from surgeons. They can apply forms of treatment for natural irregularities such as cleft palate or rabbit lips.

Oral cancer can be treated by removal of cysts and tumors in the the oral cavity. Surgeons also deals with treating dental infections, gums and any other disease of the oral cavity, including wisdom teeth with the tendency to erupt inside or outside the gum. Dental surgery includes procedures to correct the jaw joints, sometimes causing pain or noise, especially in the process of mastication.

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