ZOOM! Advanced Power whitening lamp

Zoom! Advanced Power – no. 1 in the United States is presented in the popular television show „Extreme Makeovers” on ABC channel.

Is a product of Discus Dental Inc.. USA – world leader in the promotion and distribution of professional clinical products of cosmetic dentistry.

– In just 45 minutes in one office visit –

Patients with periodontal problems, obturations or works that require change, or poor oral hygiene are not suitable candidates for whitening, and can be refused. Devital teeth (those who do not have nerve) require specific whitening (internal devital tooth whitening ).

Obligatory stages before the whitening session

  • a thorough consultation to identify any problems that might interfere with the whitening treatment
  • carry out scaling, air flow and professional tooth cleaning to create the conditions for the whitening substances to reach direct contact with the tooth surface, on enamel
  • treating existing caries on teeth to be whitened so whitening substances do not reach the depth of the teeth, the nerve


The procedure is very convenient for the patient, even relaxing and easy to bear, providing the fastest and most effective results..

Ibuprofen 400 mg is administered 1 hour before treatment.

  • Making a professional brushing to optimize working conditions.
  • Installing a exposure device, to expose teeth in front (those that are visible when smiling)
  • Working field isolation with special rolls and napkins.
  • Making a picture of the teeth before whitening, and noting the proper shade on shade guide.
  • Applying a protective layer on gums, photo polymerization.
  • Application of the whitening gel on the front teeth
  • Application of the lamp for 15 min.
  • Removal of lamp + Removal of whitening gel and re-coating
  • Application of the lamp for 15 min.
  • Removal of lamp + Removal of whitening gel and re-coating
  • Application of the lamp for 15 min.
  • Removing the lamp + whitening gel removal, exposure device of teeth removal and the isolation removal
  • You rinse vigorously with water
  • The measurement of teeth color with the colors key
  • After the treatment because your teeth are dry due to dehydration they will appear whiter. The final color will be considered the one measured at one week after treatment, when is the final color stabilization.

For results optimization

  • We advice you not to consume coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco for 2 hours after whitening
  • The whitening treatment requires maintenance, ideally at 12 months.

Whitening results

Most patients will notice a difference of 6-8 colors based on VITA Classical shade guide. Results obtained by each patient are determined by anatomy, degree of calcification of the teeth, patient age, condition of teeth, oral hygiene, etc. Patients with yellowish or brownish teeth will get spectacular results, but those with teeth shade of gray because of tetracycline or other drugs will see an improvement but not as spectacular.

The advantages of whitening with Zoom! lamp

  • Fastness, as it is done in one office visit.
  • Safety. It is done in office under the control of the dentist.
  • Low sensitivity.

What type of stains are eliminated best

  • The ones caused by age.
  • Food pigmentation.
  • Nicotine pigmentation.

The colorations resistant to whitening

  • Those caused by inorganic substances (non food)
  • Those caused by trauma that generate very deep cracks in the tooth or colored fracture lines.
  • Stains caused by tetracycline can be removed only partially.
  • White stains caused by excessive amounts of fluoride (fluorosis).

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